Get Decaying Stumps Out of Sight and Mind With Stump Grinding Services in Port Orchard, Washington and the Kitsap Peninsula

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After a tree service removes a dangerous tree, it might leave the stump behind. While the stump seems harmless at first, it can cause a host of problems on your property in Port Orchard, Washington. Hew Wood Tree Service, LLC, offers thorough tree stump removal for residential properties.

Yes, You Do Need Tree Stump Removal

Many homeowners on the Kitsap Peninsula mistakenly believe that stump removal is optional. However, decaying tree stumps look unsightly and can cause myriad issues for the surrounding ecosystem:

  • Tripping hazards: Some people might miss a leftover stump, especially if grass or leaves cover it. They could trip and injure themselves. 

  • Less available space: Old stumps take up much-needed property space. You could use that area for seating, a fire pit, and other fun landscaping features. 

  • Cross-contamination: If the previous tree died from infestation or infection, its remaining stump could harbor the ailment and spread it to surrounding trees. 

  • Regrowth prevention: That stump in your yard inhibits new grass, foliage, and trees from thriving. 

Stump grinding and removal services remedy all the issues listed above. 

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What Happens During a Stump Removal Service in Port Orchard, Washington?

Our stump removal service in Port Orchard, Washington, involves grinding machines, shovels, and other equipment. First, we use the stump grinder to pulverize the remaining wood. After tree stump grinding, our team will dig and remove the leftover tree roots.

What If You Forgot Stump Removal?

Although you can skip tree stump removal, we recommend getting it out of your yard. Pesky insects and fungi thrive in leftover stumps as they break down the material. Some organisms may transfer to other plants and trees, weakening their health and shortening their lifespan. 

Additionally, stump elimination makes your yard look more pristine. You can also replace the old, removed stump with a fresh, healthy sapling in the spring!

Have a fungus-infested stump marring your view of the lawn?

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