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Mature, healthy trees occasionally need a little help from their keepers. Tree bracing and cabling services can provide the support they need. Hew Wood Tree Service, LLC, helps you maintain a property teeming with thriving, lush trees via these essential services.

What Is Tree Bracing and Cabling?

Tree bracing and cabling are protective measures to maintain an adult tree’s structural integrity. Like other plant life, trees grow toward resources like sunlight and water. As their roots and branches reach for these much-needed nutrients, they can disrupt the tree’s structure. 

Bracing and cabling are techniques that offer extra tree support. They can preserve the tree’s health and prolong its life, enriching your property with a uniquely beautiful tree.

When Do Mature Trees Need This Additional Support?

How can you tell whether a tree on your property needs bracing and cabling services? You might notice the following tell-tale signs:

  • A leaning, awkward trunk: Trees that survived strong winds or floods as saplings might lean in the direction the natural force pushed them. 

  • Previous damage that healed: Trees that suffered from infections, infestations, and wounds might heal but remain structurally unsound. 

  • Trunk cracks: Vertical cracks in the tree trunks signify significant structural stress. 

  • Undernourishment: Yellowing or sparse leaves, dead branches, and other sickly symptoms indicate that the tree struggles to nourish itself. 

We can assess the tree in question and determine whether cable and brace rods can keep it safe and healthy.

Tree being braced

Bracing and Cabling Prevent the Need for Removal

Cabling a tree involves inserting cables and brace rods into the trunk and bolting them into the upper crown. We use thick rods to brace the tree’s branches, ensuring it can support them. 

Without this additional support, an unsound tree might develop cracks and wounds that become infested or infected. Illnesses and injuries significantly shorten a tree’s lifespan and make it too dangerous to remain on your property.

To prolong your mature trees’ health, stability, and safety with a professional tree service.

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