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Like other homeowners in Port Orchard, Washington, you want to increase your property’s curb appeal while helping the plant life thrive. A yearly tree trimming service from Hew Wood Tree Service, LLC, makes your property more picturesque with flourishing, sculpted trees. Learn more about the significance of tree pruning below.

What You Should Know About Tree Pruning

Many property owners think professional tree trimming is an optional service. However, trying to prune branches alone can lead to:

  • Improper pruning practices that damage the tree’s structure

  • Severe falls and other significant injuries

  • Unclean cuts that don’t heal and allow infections to overtake the tree

Proper tree trimming practices require professional tools, skills, and in-depth tree knowledge. Otherwise, you might inadvertently weaken the tree!

Do You Really Need Annual Tree Pruning?

Yes, you need annual tree pruning services from professionals. As a tree matures, it produces more limbs reaching up and outward to access sunlight. Sometimes, these growths extend directly over a nearby building, power line, or roadway.

Eliminating these branches reduces the likelihood of property damage. Plus, our tree trimming service protects each tree’s health. 

Some limbs cross over each other, which can put too much stress on the shared trunk area. Others compete for resources, weakening surrounding structures. Regular trimming and pruning ensure existing limbs acquire the resources they need.

What Our Tree Trimming Service Entails

We employ techniques that satisfy the following three areas:

  1. Tree health: The tree’s overall health comes first. Our sharp, industry-leading tools make clean, precise cuts that quickly heal. 

  2. Property safety: We survey for branches that loom over garages, sheds, driveways, and houses, eliminating potential threats. 

  3. Aesthetic: We make your property look tidy and well-kept by pruning for an appealing shape. 

We’ve never encountered a pruning job too challenging for our team. If we can’t climb to access the limb, we’ll use our trusty bucket truck instead.

A large tree is being cut down by a man suspended ropes.

to schedule professional tree pruning services — the secret to happy, healthy trees!

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